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Chef Brian Donnelly grew up in Co. Tyrone where he spent summers working on his grandparents' farm, drinking raw milk, churning butter and cutting turf. (And no, he’s not that old.)

After a career spent working for some of the UK and Ireland’s most famous chefs, he and his partner opened Bia Rebel Ramen, Belfast's first authentic ramen shop. Inspired by Tokyo’s ramen culture, and by the similarities between the native produce of these two islands, he taught himself to make ramen noodles by watching YouTube videos.

And now he's an Irish ramen chef. He believes high-quality food should be available to all and not just the domain of costly restaurants. But there are many obstacles in the food business.  The restaurants will have to be groundbreaking and evolve if they want to survive the many challenges the industry is facing right now, and this blog looks at what we can do to survive.

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